2016 Studio Auditions Coming Soon!

Summertime is upon us, and that means it is just about time to start learning new musical skills for the coming year ahead! Auditions for lessons-space with Margaret Nelson are coming up in July, 2016. If you or your child would like to audition for lessons-space, please click the "CONTACT" tab to set your appointment! Auditions are meant to show where you or your child are musically. Our curriculum includes something for all levels. Children can audition without any prior musical experience whatsoever, since one of the elements being assessed is learning style/capability.…continue reading →


MUSIC APPRECIATION FOR THE ASPIRING CHEF (I mean Musician) Music Appreciation is so much more than that one class you had to take your freshman year of college. You know the one; packed with 300 other students, where you most likely watched “Amadeus,” and (if you are anything like my former classmates) what you took away from the experience was a newfound appreciation of the band Falco. What you might not have taken away is the starry-eyed ideal of listening to works by Bach or Stravinsky, and doing this for fun. This experience…continue reading →

Cultivating Your Vibrato: Starting Exercise

Once you are past those beginning stages of learning the basics of how the violin works, and how to make real emotive music through the science of dynamics, bow speed, and real art that is coming from your newfound musicianship, you may find a new and passionate desire to expand your skills with vibrato. I couldn't get enough of listening to the violin, especially after I had mastered enough skills to practice a repertoire independently in my home practice room (And as a side-note, I sincerely have to thank my tutor Mrs. T…continue reading →

Practice Tips: Musical Overwhelm

Every violinist, at every level, can at times feel what I call "musical overwhelm" during a practice session.  Often times, the people who choose to study the violin do so because it is an instrument that requires a lot of precision, dedication, and skill to make the beautiful and romantic sounds we love from this instrument.  These results come from lots of time and effort devoted to practicing many small skills, and then applying them to a piece of music to add to our repertoire.  Part of the reason why it is so…continue reading →