Summertime is upon us, and that means it is just about time to start learning new musical skills for the coming year ahead! Auditions for lessons-space with Margaret Nelson are coming up in July, 2016.

If you or your child would like to audition for lessons-space, please click the “CONTACT” tab to set your appointment!

Auditions are meant to show where you or your child are musically. Our curriculum includes something for all levels. Children can audition without any prior musical experience whatsoever, since one of the elements being assessed is learning style/capability.

Please be prepared for auditions with a violin, bow, shoulder rest, notebook, and the most recent music you or your child have been working on.

Auditions are free of charge, and include an introductory lesson and critique. Students and/or parents will have an opportunity to experience the teaching style and pattern used for lessons, as well as ask any questions they may have.

Auditions are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, while appointments last! Click “CONTACT” to schedule your July 2016 audition date/time.

*Audition dates/times are NOT set without personal confirmation from Margaret Nelson*

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